Zest theme
Zest theme

A flexible and modern theme to win mobile conversions.


Version 7.3.1

Feb 20th, 2024

We fixed minor bugs

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the section Before/after image slider can't draggable
  • Fixed the issue of being pushed down to the bottom of the page after confirming in the Age Verifier pop-up.
  • Fix minor bugs

Version 7.3.0

Feb 1st, 2024

In this version, we have introduced new features and addressed various minor bugs to ensure a more seamless overall user experience.


  • Added 'Back to top' button for enhanced user navigation
  • Added new style 'Content inside with button', for the Collection cards
  • Added a feature to customize the collection in breadcrumbs using metafields for products
  • Added new page template 'About us v2', for a refreshed look and feel.
  • Added a new 'Social link' block for the Popup
  • Added a new layout setting for the Collection banner section

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved the position of Checkout and View cart buttons in the cart drawer
  • Improved Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) by leveraging a new liquid feature
  • Fixed the issue with the slider component not functioning correctly upon the initial load in Safari
  • Fixed issue with header sticky jump
  • Fixed various minor bugs for a smoother overall user experience

Version 7.2.0

Jan 11th, 2024

We fixed minor bugs and updated effects for buttons and menu dropdown


  • We changed the hover effect for buttons to make them more attractive

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved effect for menu dropdown
  • Fixed issue with Popup layout horizontal
  • Fixed issue video background stopped when switching variant
  • Fixed issue add to cart button disabled when switching variant
  • Fix minor bugs

Version 7.1.0

Jan 4th, 2024

We updated more settings to control the new design


  • Added block Testimonial for Auto-scrolling promotion section

Fixes & improvements:

  • Updated setting autoplay for Testimonial section
  • Updated setting to show icon for Testimonial item
  • Updated setting to enable carousel for Complementary products block
  • Updated setting to add image on mobile for Collection banner section
  • Updated setting to set Default state for filter blocks
  • Updated settings for Lookbook and Lookbook slider
  • Updated setting for block title of the Before/After image slider section
  • Updated slider controls settings for Featured products slider section
  • Updated setting to enable carousel for Product tabs section
  • Updated setting image overlay for Image card block
  • Improved UI of the product cards on mobile
  • Refined UI and spacing
  • Fix minor bugs

Version 7.0.0

Dec 28th, 2023

Zest 7.0.0 is packed with exciting new features: Supported color schemes and updated new sections. We also refined the UI to enhance the overall visual appeal and usability of Zest.


  • Added section Gallery images
  • Added section Collection tabs
  • Added section Collage tabs
  • Added option to show video as featured media for product cards
  • Added block Before/after image slider to the Custom content section
  • Added a new layout for the Testimonial section


- Important: We updated to support Color schemes, and we provided a tool to support migrating your theme to Zest 7.0.0, please check our tutorial here.

Fixes & improvements:

  • Updated options for Collection list section: Add view all button and font settings for collection title
  • Updated typography settings: Product cards title, Mega title, and Subheadings
  • Updated option Image ratio for the Favorite products section
  • Updated option Products per row for the Lookbook slider
  • Updated option to set a background image for the Custom content section
  • Updated more options for Heading size
  • Updated options for the Slideshow section: Pagination style, description text style
  • Updated option to show dropdown menu by hovering
  • Updated option video ratio for block video and section video
  • Updated option to prevent selecting a variant as default on the product page
  • Updated option to remove product URL params for Product recommendations section
  • Updated UI of section Footer
  • Updated spacing
  • Fix minor bugs

Version 6.0.3

Nov 13th, 2023

In version 6.0.3, we updated links to help articles and video tutorials for settings and sections/blocks to minimize the searching around and learning time of users for knowledge.

Version 6.0.2

Oct 17th, 2023


  • Changed Twitter icon to the new X icon

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed issue with product media gallery on the TikTok browser
  • Fixed issue with Teaser button of PopUp
  • Fixed issue with error messages of forms on the account pages
  • Fixed minor issues

Version 6.0.1

Jul 17th, 2023

We have updated the cart rendering mechanism to make it faster and compatible with 3rd-party apps, we also fixed some minor bugs


  • We changed the gift wrap option to not sync with the cart items' quantity

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved cart rendering mechanism
  • Improved page loading effect
  • Fixed bug scroll to active media on the product page
  • Fixed minor issues

Version 6.0.0

May 25th, 2023

Zest 6.0.0 introduces a recipient information form for the gift card product, a follow-on "Shop" button, and animations for sections/blocks.


  • Added "Recipient information form" to the gift card product
  • Added "Follow on Shop" button
  • Added "Animations" setting to theme settings and section levels
  • Added option "Open collapsible tab by default" to the footer blocks.

Fixes & improvements:

  • Updated the page transition animation
  • Fixed the issue of product media not working when the thumbnail on mobile is enabled.
  • Fixed the style of the RTL layout
  • Fixed minor CSS issues

Version 5.0.0

Apr 17th, 2023

Zest 5.0.0 we added the Right-to-left layout, Age verifier popup, In-cart recommendations and some other features.


  • Added a new feature "Age verifier popup"
  • Added a new feature "Cart recommendations" for the cart drawer
  • Added a new feature to show Product options in the popup for "Select options" button in Product cards
  • Added Right-to-left layout support

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved the Product image zoom
  • Fixed the Product media on the Quick view modal
  • Fixed the Sticky add to cart bar not appearing on other templates