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A flexible and modern theme to win mobile conversions.


Version 6.0.1

Jul 17th, 2023

We have updated the cart rendering mechanism to make it faster and compatible with 3rd-party apps, we also fixed some minor bugs


  • We changed the gift wrap option to not sync with the cart items' quantity

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved cart rendering mechanism
  • Improved page loading effect
  • Fixed bug scroll to active media on the product page
  • Fixed minor issues

Version 6.0.0

May 25th, 2023

Zest 6.0.0 introduces a recipient information form for the gift card product, a follow-on "Shop" button, and animations for sections/blocks.


  • Added "Recipient information form" to the gift card product
  • Added "Follow on Shop" button
  • Added "Animations" setting to theme settings and section levels
  • Added option "Open collapsible tab by default" to the footer blocks.

Fixes & improvements:

  • Updated the page transition animation
  • Fixed the issue of product media not working when the thumbnail on mobile is enabled.
  • Fixed the style of the RTL layout
  • Fixed minor CSS issues

Version 5.0.0

Apr 17th, 2023

Zest 5.0.0 we added the Right-to-left layout, Age verifier popup, In-cart recommendations and some other features.


  • Added a new feature "Age verifier popup"
  • Added a new feature "Cart recommendations" for the cart drawer
  • Added a new feature to show Product options in the popup for "Select options" button in Product cards
  • Added Right-to-left layout support

Fixes & improvements:

  • Improved the Product image zoom
  • Fixed the Product media on the Quick view modal
  • Fixed the Sticky add to cart bar not appearing on other templates

Version 4.0.0

Mar 30th, 2023

Zest 4.0.0 introduced Section groups. This new feature levels up theme architecture, allowing us to add sections everywhere.


  • Added a Gift wrap option to the cart drawer and cart page
  • Added Section groups for the Header and Footer

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed blurred product images on the product pages and the Featured product section
  • Fixed the issue with the prices & add to cart button not changing when switching the variants on the Sticky add to cart bar
  • Fixed the Countdown timer

Version 3.0.0 - Release new theme preset

Mar 1st, 2023

We released a new demo for fashion stores, updated the predictive search API to show suggestions, and added new sections and blocks.


  • Added a new demo called Fleek
  • Added a new block "Lookbook slider" for the Lookbook section
  • Added a new section "Featured product slider"
  • Added a new "Collection card style"
  • Added a new setting "Mobile font size scale" for headings
  • Added a new setting Section heading alignment on mobile in Theme settings
  • Added a new setting "Collection card style" for the "Collection list (Mega menu)" block in the Header section
  • Added a new design for the Testimonials section
  • Added a new block "Handpicked products" for the Custom content section


  • Updated the predictive search API to show suggestions
  • Updated designs for sliders controls
  • Updated designs for the product media layout on mobile

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the javascript errors and broken layout in Safari's old version
  • Fixed the Video hero section on mobile
  • Fixed the Press section in the theme editor
  • Fixed the cart count number not aligning properly
  • Fixed the style of the Mobile sticky bar

Version 2.2.0

Jan 12th, 2023

We updated the theme to support the newest feature of Shopify: Image focal point, and fixed some bugs.

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the Variant picker not syncing with the sticky add-to-cart bar
  • Fixed the Countdown timer not working on Safari browser
  • Fixed the type settings of the Sale badge not working
  • Fixed the missing translation of the option 'Show additional checkout buttons' on the cart page in the theme editor
  • Fixed the Video hero section not working on mobile
  • Fixed the broken layout of the sticky add-to-cart bar
  • Fixed the product sorting not working if storefront filters are disabled
  • Fixed the video hero section stopping when switching the product media
  • Updated the controls on mobile for the Slideshow section
  • Updated the support for image focal point for the following sections: Image with text overlay, Slideshow, Lookbook, Collection list, Countdown timer, and Collection banner
  • Updated the button to show more/ less for the filters list

Version 2.1.0

Dec 15th, 2022

We added new sections: Auto-scrolling promotion, Before/after image slider, Video hero; and fixed some minor bugs.


  • Added a new section: Auto-scrolling promotion
  • Added a new section: Before/after image slider
  • Added a new section: Video hero
  • Added a new Video slide for the Slideshow section
  • Added a setting for the Logo position on mobile

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the missing social media icons
  • Fixed the issue with the dropdown menu not being clickable on iOS

Version 2.0.0

Oct 31st, 2022

We fixed some bugs related to the cart and added some new features, including Cookie banner, Inventory status, Free shipping cart goal, and Handpicked products section.


  • Added the Cookie banner feature to ask for customers' consent to track non-essential cookies and for relevant region-specific tracking laws such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Added the Inventory status block to the Product information section to display the limited availability of products to create scarcity, increasing the perceived value of your products and encouraging shoppers to make faster purchase decisions
  • Added the “Handpicked products” section to show a list of handpicked/ selected products
  • Added the Free shipping goal feature to the cart: You can set a cart goal to show customers how much they have to spend to get free shipping
  • Added the Custom badges feature: To let you show custom badges like Sale, New, and Hot, on product cards or on the product page

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the cart count not updating if the cart drawer is disabled
  • Fixed the cart drawer not updating automatically

Version 1.1.0

Oct 4th, 2022

We updated Zest to work with the newest Shopify feature Complementary Products. You can display complementary products to help shoppers discover new products and thus increase store sales.


  • Added the Complementary products block to the Product information section
  • Added the Custom cards block to the mega menu, letting you show a combination of products and collections with custom titles and images

Fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the Recently viewed products section not working on mobile
  • Fixed the Color swatches not working with custom files
  • Fixed the Press section not working when the block count is less than 5
  • Updated the pause-on-hover to the announcement bar carousel when autoplay is enabled
  • Updated the mobile breakpoint for the Header and the Product information sections to work well with the new theme editor
  • Updated the calculation of the pop-up position of the lookbook hotspot on the mouse-over
  • Fixed some CSS issues